All about Lacto-Fermentation

  • 200 pages including 64 recipes
  • What is Lacto-fermentation?
  • An Introduction to Culturing Fruit
  • Choosing Ingredients and Equipment
  • A Basic Formula for Fermenting Vegetables and Preparation Techniques
  • Tips and Tricks for Addressing Common Fermentation Challenges
  • How to Know When Your Vegetables Are Ready for Cold Storage
  • Why Your Ferment Grew Mold, What You Can Do with It, and How to Prevent It
  • How to Make Fermented Vegetable Juices
  • Plus 64 Recipes for Vegetables, Fruits, and Condiments

4 reviews for Lacto-fermentation [eBook]

  1. kenpkane (verified owner)

    Very interesting and informative

  2. Max Israel (verified owner)

    More information to my already pickling cucumber and making sauerkraut

  3. guennihb (verified owner)

    Very good Information

  4. Rodney Walshe (verified owner)

    A top book. Will save hours of searching on the internet

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