Pink Curing Salt #1 is also called Prague Powder #1 is used to make artisan cured meats such as bacon, pastrami, corned beef, sausages, ham, and other meats that may be hard to find in Thailand or Asia.

In general, you only add 2.5 grams of curing salt  per kilogram of meat into the curing brine.  Always follow the recipe and do not add additional curing salt that is beyond what is called for.

This cure is highly toxic and should not be used in any way outside of brining and curing meat.  Do not ingest this curing salt directly and keep away from pets and children.  Pink Curing Salt #1 contains sea salt with sodium nitrite.  Red coloring is added to distinguish it from regular salt to avoid confusion.

Don’t forget to get some PICKLING SPICES to add to your curing brine.

Weight .26 kg

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  1. Greasy Hands (verified owner)

    Ordered the product in the afternoon and it was shipped the following day.. Received the product in the mail less than a week later and it was exactly as described. I’m pleased with the service provided.

  2. Carol Taylor (verified owner)

    From the time I pressed buy the service, packaging and product was excellent…Easy to navigate website, prompt response a well-packaged product with speedy delivery…Will definitely be shopping here again 🙂

  3. Derek Crawford (verified owner)

    Enables me to make quality bacon and ham. Excellent service.

  4. Katherine Calmeille (verified owner)

    Great product, everything as advertised, quick delivery and communication. Finally enjoying some delicious homemade ham that we have missed so much!

  5. Karita Law (verified owner)

    Great service product exactly as described used already for home made streaky bacon which is absolutely delicious
    Thanks Thai Artisan


  6. briancolligan (verified owner)

    Quality product, fair price and great customer service from Thai Artisan.

    I will be placing additional orders on this as well as other products offered.

    Thanks Thai Artisan!!!

  7. Alain (verified owner)

    Product as described. Very fast shipp8ng. Totally satisfy with the transaction. Will buy again

  8. kev john (verified owner)

    1st class service, very professional
    will be using this weekend. homemade smoked bacon and ham.
    thank you….

  9. Ianhewett (verified owner)

    You cannot make bacon without pink salt. Great next day service from Thai Artisan Foods.

  10. Gordon Holland (verified owner)

    I Have just Purchased this product from this company for the first time the service was Quick and very professional i will be ordering more products through them am very happy

  11. Robert Tomkins (verified owner)

    Order arrived the day after it was placed.

    Just used this in a cure for a 4kg Kurobuta ham, my largest to date and the first using pink salt #1. Probably needs 9 days in the cure, start eating in 2 weeks when I will report back.

  12. Gary Booth (verified owner)

    It took about 3 days to get to my home, I can’t wait to use it. Fantastic and convenient service – stand by for more orders. Any chance of you getting Prague number 2 and lactobacillus cultures?

  13. Brendan (verified owner)

    I ordered this it was with me in 2 days, great service i’ve cured bacon and it’s wonderful stuff. i been in Thailand for 6 years now and really miss unsmoked proper bacon. Thank goodness i found this.

  14. Bill (verified owner)

    The delivery service was great as was the price. However I have not had the time to use the product yet.

  15. Bill (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I have not yet had the time to make use of this yet.

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