Whole Allspice Berries, also known as Pimento Berries or Jamaican Peppers is a native spice to the Caribbean.  And is very difficult to find in Thailand and South East Asia.

Used for everything from pickling spices to aromatic potpourri, many people outside of Asia just can’t live without Allspice.   This is why we have it for all you Farangs in Thailand.

We have been using Allspice berries in out pickling spice packs and with our bacon curing bags, but some of the more adventurous cooks out there wanted to do their own mixes and needed this one ingredient to complete their recipe, so we are offering our stock in 20 gram packs. Many recipes call for no more than a couple of berries so 20 grams will cover several.

Another use we do here at Thai Artisan is do a 50/50 blend with pepper corns in a pepper mill to ground out some delicious pepper.

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