Pink Curing Salt #2 is also called Prague Powder #2 is primarily used for all dry and semi dry sausages that need to be aged over time. These would include Pepperoni, Salami, Supressa, Chorizo (Spanish), Sucuk (Turkey). This cure is also used in production of dry cured hams such as Southern Style , Prosciutto, and Westphalian.

In general, you only add 2.5 grams of curing salt  per kilogram of meat into the curing brine.  Always follow the recipe and do not add additional curing salt that is beyond what is called for.

This cure is highly toxic and should not be used in any way outside of brining and curing meat.  Do not ingest this curing salt directly and keep away from pets and children and pets.  Pink Curing Salt #2 contains sea salt with sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate.  Red coloring is added to distinguish it from regular salt to avoid confusion.

If you want to do wet cures or cures with a shorter time period, you would want to use Pink Curing Salt #1.

Weight .25 kg

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  1. Katherine Calmeille (verified owner)

    Great product, everything as advertised, quick delivery and communication. Really delicious homemade coppa using this.

  2. Chris Renaix (verified owner)

    Quick delivery. No time to try the product yet, this happen the end of this month. However there’s a dark spot in the package, don’t know what it is but it’s not too big so I won’t complain about it

  3. clive knell (verified owner)

    quick delivery,good price,few more days to wait for outcome.making ham for slow cooker.

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