[Reusable] This sourdough starter jar kit is made of high quality stainless steel and borosilicate glass. The reusable glass jar has a capacity of 900ml and is heat resistant. With this sourdough starter kit, you can enjoy the sourdough baking experience. [Experience the Fun of Yeast Fermentation] The clear glass jar allows you to view the yeast fermentation at any time. Our starter kit comes with a stainless steel lid for sealing, you can also use a cloth lid during the fermentation process. [Ideal Gift] With this sourdough leavening jar kit, you’ll have an easy introduction to sourdough baking. It also makes an ideal gift for baking enthusiasts.



Parts List: 1 x Glass Jar with Lid 1 x Grey Spatula 1 x Temperature Paper 1 x Cloth Cap

1 x Level Band

1 x Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter – Dehydrated

1 x Reactivation Instructions



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