For those who are true foodies, you know that the food in Louisiana is amazing, almost as amazing as Thai food.  One vital spice that is almost impossible to find in Southeast Asia is filé.  Now you can get it here at Thai Artisan Foods!

Gumbo, or Cajun Filé is made from the sassafras leaf that is ground to a powder.  Our Cajun Filé  is made with 90% sassafras powder and 10% of thyme powder for an extra kick in the pants.  The result is an amazingly authentic tasting gumbo or stews.  Who dat?

Filé is not added during the cooking process.  The heat will change the flavor and make things stringy.  Filé is added after cooking or placed on the table for each person to add their own.  Filé  will thicken the stew and add flavor you can find no where else.  No self-respecting table in Louisiana would be without Filé available.

Each shaker bottle contains 25 grams of Filé.

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1 review for Cajun Filé for Gumbos and Cajun Stews

  1. Terrance Frohm (verified owner)

    I was very grateful to find this product at Thai Artisan. The order was shipped promptly and arrived quickly. Now my gumbo is complete – thanks, Thai Artisan.

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