Penicillium Candidum, (white mold) is used to ripen and flavor Brie, Camembert, Coulommiers, and a variety of French Goat Cheeses. It produces a nice, white bloom on the surface of your cheeses.

As with many other cultures, a tiny pinch will go a LONG ways.  Not really an exact measurement, a very small pinch per 4 liters of milk will produce a wonderful cheese.  Each package of our P.candidum will culture up to 60 liters of milk, depending on how much you pinch per dose.  We calculate approximately 10-15 doses of 4 liter batches per package.  Less than a gram of culture is in this package.

Store your P.candidum in the freezer and it’ll last 1+ years.

Weight .001 kg

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  1. Gilles (verified owner)

    Quick delivery always good products,

  2. Clovis Hebert (verified owner)

    Works like it is supposed to

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