We got new low cost cheese moulds in with or without a bottom.  All made with highly sophisticated 3D printing technology.

These moulds use a corn starch based material that produces a very strong mould.  This mould is food safe, organic, and non-GMO.  PVC moulds can leach harmful chemicals into your cheese.  These won’t.

You can choose between a bottomless mould or a moulds with a bottom and drain holes that comes in 3 sizes.

3 inch mould – Small mould with bottom for small cheese.  You can make some nice logs with this mould.  77x125mm

5 inch general purpose mould with bottom for most of your cheese needs.  127x133mm

7 inch large cheese mould with bottom to make some big wheels!  178x133mm

5 inch mould without a bottom for cheeses you need to flip in the process.  127x101mm


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