Thai Artisan Measuring Spoon Set

An essential tool for all Artisans.  The Artisan Measuring Spoons will give you precise measurements for very small quantities of cultures or bacterial molds.  This will give you much better control of your recipes compared to standard kitchen measuring spoon.  Made with non-reactive stainless steel.

Conversion Chart

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tsp ml
Tad 1/4 1.25
Dash 1/8 0.64
Pinch 1/16 0.32
Smidgen 1/32 0.16
Drop 1/64 0.08
Weight .05 kg

1 review for Mini Measuring Spoons – Tad Dash Pinch Smidgen Drop

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Clovis Hebert (verified owner)

    Always good service. Works as advertised. The conversion chart is handy.

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