Water kefir is a probiotic drink, which means it’s good for your gut and other health benefits.  You can make as much water kefir as you want with just 3 ingredients; good water, sugar, and water kefir grains (aka Tipicos).

Get your grains right here.  Our grains are dehydrated ready for shipping anywhere.  Dehydrated grains are easy to activate.  Just dissolve 60 grams of cane sugar with 700ml of room temperature water.  then pour your package of water kefir grains.  Let set for 3 days and strain the grains out.  Discard this first liquid.  Then start making your water kefir and sodas.  Details can be found in this free Water Kefir eBook.

If you rather order active grains directly, visit our friends at HK Probiotics Bangkok.

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