Dry Aging Thai Beef to make Great Steaks!

Everyone knows that Thai Beef is not that great. One thing that is is not done to improve poor quality steaks is dry aging. Dry aging will make a cheap piece of meat you get at your local market into a much more tender steak bursting with flavor.

Traditionally, dry aging requires a special unit that maintains a temperature of 35-40F as well as low humidity. Science has changed all that. With the UMAi Dry Aging Bags, you can dry age a subprimal (uncut) strip loin, ribeye, or most any subprimal piece of meat to make it awesome.

The Dry Aging Bag creates an environment to age the meat in your every day refrigerator. No special equipment is needed. The specially designed membrane allows air to enter so that drying effects takes place while allowing moisture to leave. The membrane also keeps flavors that may be next to it OUT of the meat so you won’t get any cross contamination of flavors. Aging time is really up to you. 21 days should be minimum for a tender steak. 35 days is good for adding additional dry aged meat flavor. Longer will give it even more flavor. It’s up to you how much to age. You have full control.

The unique UMAi Dry® breathable membrane creates a perfect dry-aging environment for the ultimate steak.

Age whole sub-primal cuts of beef in your fridge over 28 to 45 days.

Then gather friends and family around for the most tender, flavorful steak you’ve ever served.

Suitable for strip loin, boneless ribeye, sirloin, Scotch fillet (UK/Aust).

Holds up to 7kg of sub-primal beef.

Packet includes:

3 UMAi Dry® Ribeye/Striploin (Standard) size: 12×24 in / 30×60 cm
5 UMAi VacMouse® adapter strips for use with your vacuum sealer (vacuum sealer not included)
Dry Aging Time labels to record your start and target end dates

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