Adding  P.roqueforti to make amazing blue cheese just got easier with our LIQUID  P.roqueforti.

Our  P.roqueforti Liquid comes in a 5ml bottle.  1 tiny drop will culture 3 liters of milk.  This comes out to 300 liters of milk per bottle.

If you don’t want to micro-pinch a few grains of our regular  P.roqueforti, this liquid will do the job.

Store your P.roqueforti in the freezer and it’ll last 1+ years.  Don’t worry about freezing the liquid, it has a -45C freezing point.

Weight 0.02 kg

2 reviews for Penicillium Roqueforti (P.roqueforti) liquid

  1. Clovis Hebert (verified owner)

    Works great. 2 drops per 5 liters is a good ratio.

  2. Clovis Hebert (verified owner)

    Always good service. Works as advertised.

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