Kefir – The alternative to Mesophilic and Thermophilic.

This may be the perfect cheesemaking culture. It’s a biodiverse culture that is very easy to care for, simple to use, and nearly impossible to contaminate. The process of keeping kefir and using it for making cheese is similar to that for keeping sourdough starter for baking bread.

Every cheese can be made with kefir as a starter culture. It is a universal starter, containing both mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria that are adaptable to cheesemaking in any conditions.


Kefir is a unique cultured dairy product that is one of the most probiotic rich foods on the planet and has incredible medicinal benefits for healing issues like leaky gut.   Its unique name comes from the Turkish work “keif”, which means “good feeling”.

For centuries, it has been used in European and Asian folk medicine due to the wide variety of conditions it has been known to cure. When made correctly, it is one of my favorite drinks and, after reading this article, I hope that you consider including it into your regular natural health regimen.

Nutrition Facts

Kefir is a fermented milk product (cow, goat or sheep milk) that tastes like a drinkable yogurt.

Kefir contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes and probiotics.  Because it does not have a standardized nutrition content, the content values can vary based on the cows, cultures, and region where it is produced. Yet even with the range in values, it has superior nutrition.

Because of kefir’s unique set of nutrients it has been show to benefit the body in 7 main ways:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Heal Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Build Bone Density
  • Fight Allergies
  • Improve Lactose Digestion
  • Kill Candida
  • Support Detoxification

And these are just a few of the benefits of consuming kefir daily.

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5 reviews for Milk Kefir Grains – Dehydrated

  1. nhatha3432 (verified owner)

    I have now been using Kefir grains to make Kefir since 2018. Ithad been recommended to me by a friend whose wife had been suffering from IBS but was now free of it; the cure they put down to Kefir. I had been suffering for years from bouts of IBS, and at its worst I could not be more sprinting distance from a toilet! Since using Kefir I have been TOTALLY IBS FREE, the change in my life and energy levels have been remarkable. I have not made this statement before because I was always mindful that the IBS could come back, but it has not, not in one year and five months; I could not be more surprised and certainly not more surprised than the doctor who had been treating me for the condition. Just remarkable.

  2. Endlessmist (verified owner)

    This kefir grains producing amazing kefir. We like to use it for smoothies or in protein shakes instead of water or plain milk. In the beginning it producing more yeasty flavor and I actually like it but later it back to regular (but way much better that store-bought kefir in my home-country) taste. Speed of producing every batch of kefir is extremely high even in “cold” season. Sometimes it takes just several hours! So you can literally swim in it)) or try to put a jar with grains and milk into your fridge to slow down the process. I like the idea but in my case it slowing down the process significantly up to week instead of several hours. So I taking it our of fridge when I need to speed up the process and put it back to slow it down. Probably it stressful for the kefir grains but I don’t know any other ways to control this crazy guys))

  3. nhatha3432 (verified owner)

    We have had the kefir grains since May 29th and producing Kefir has been going so well that I had to give a fair amount away to friends here. Well, the upshot has been that they enjoyed it so much and asked for more that I thought the kindest thing to do was to purchase more grains and give them the chance of making their own. There is now a bit of a Kefir-collective on this part of the island!

  4. nhatha3432 (verified owner)

    The grains quickly arrived after I ordered. I have to say it has been amazing ever since! From the off, when we were rehydrating them, they produced the most amazing Kefir! We have done secondary fermentations as well, and it has all been so easy! The only draw back is that you need places and receptacles to store it in, and of course I never thought that I would produce so much of it in such a short space of time, fortunately though my neighbours have rallied round!

  5. Geohat (verified owner)

    As I live in a remote area, I was happy to find a resource to get me started making kefir here in Thailand. The grains arrived in just a few days and were easy to rehydrate. As the weather has been quite warm I started churning out kefir faster than I could consume it, but I’ve got things under control now and am enjoying my kefir smoothies every morning!

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