Kombucha is a fantastic fermented tea that has a host of health benefits.  Now you can make your own Kombucha easily with this SCOBY and starter tea.  The SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), also called “mother” is the culture that turns your ordinary sweet tea into a amazing tasting probiotic drink that you can flavor in an unlimited variety of Kombucha drink.

Note: SCOBYs are a living growing thing.  Each one will be of different size and thickness.

Additional equipment you would need are:

  • 1 liter+ glass jar
  • cheese cloth and rubber band for covering the jar
  • Black or green tea bags
  • water and sugar
  • non-metal ladle
  • Large stainless steel or ceramic pot to make the tea
  • Some sort of air-tight bottle or jar for the second fermentation

Once your SCOBY and starter tea arrive, you basically dump the contents into a liter of sweet tea and let if ferment for 7+ days.

What are some of the benefits of drinking Kombucha?  Let’s list a few of them.

It’s good for your gut:

1. Kombucha contains naturally fermenting probiotics that help maintain healthy gut flora by increasing the number of beneficial organisms.
2. It preserves nutrients and breaks them down into an easily digestible form, which allows you to absorb them better.
3. It enhances the absorption of minerals, particularly calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and copper.
4. Healthy gut flora improves digestion, fights candida overgrowth, improves mental clarity and stabilizes moods.
5. A healthy gut can also be attributed to reducing or eliminating depression an anxiety.
6. Kombucha contains numerous strains of yeasts and up to 20 different bacterial species (and possibly many more!).

It detoxifies the body:

7. The enzymes and bacterial acids in kombucha ease the burden on the liver by reducing pancreatic load.
8. Kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which binds to toxins and increases their excretion through the kidney or intestines.
9. In 1951, a popular Russian study found that the daily consumption of kombucha was correlated with an extremely high resistance to cancer.
10. It contains vitamin C, a potent detoxifier.

It supports the nervous system:

11. Kombucha contains vitamin B, which has been associated with reducing blood pressure and supporting the nervous system.

It’s anti-ageing and supports the joints:

12. Kombucha contains glucosamines, which are vital for the treatment and prevention of arthritis.
13. Kombucha allegedly eliminates grey hair, increases sex drive and improves eyesight.
14. Kombucha concentrates the antioxidants found in tea. Antioxidants not only fight the environmental toxins known as free radicals, which contribute to illness and disease, but help slow the aging process.
15. Theoretically, powerful antioxidant nutrients can prevent and lessen wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity.

It’s anti-microbial

16. Kombucha is anti-microbial due to it’s acetic and organic acids, proteins, enzymes and bacteriocins. It exerts anti-microbial activity against pathogenic bacteria like E coli and Salmonella. Incidentally, green tea kombucha has a high anti-microbial effect than when made with black tea.

It decreases sugar cravings

17. Emmet from Remedy told us that customers often comment that kombucha reduces their sugar cravings. “My take on this is that kombucha provides a natural energy boost and is therefore a handy antidote for when cravings kick in. It’s also a great way to break the soft drinks habit.”

Get your SCOBY today and start making Kombucha!

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5 reviews for Kombucha SCOBY with Starter Tea

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    On the 15th of March this year I ordered a 17 cm. Kombucha mushroom from Thai Artisan Food. When it arrived around April 2nd I set off making 20 cm. mushrooms. Today I already have 5 new mushrooms, most looking great – white, flat, and quite thick. I do not have to add how delighted I am.
    I have been making Kombucha since 15 years, with any trouble. About 6 months ago disaster struck – all my mushroom – I had about 8 in storage – fell ill with some disease (mold?) and I had to destroy them all one by one. Due to this great mushroom I received from Thai Artisan I will soon be able to replenish my lost stock.
    Then I had another memorable experience with Thai Artisan. We all know how long it can take to get a reply from a website! Well – there is a first for everything, so the saying goes. I contacted the website on a Sunday when no one normally is in an office. Within less than a minute I got a reply from Khun Chaiyo…… I normally never use this word, but now I will – “Wow!”

  2. Carol Taylor (verified owner)

    I received prompt answers to my questions regarding ordering and payment and my scoby arrived timely…None of my glass jars was fit for purpose so my hunt for a wide-mouthed jar began while my scoby lived happily in the fridge…She is now growing nicely so I am looking forward to our first Kombucha very soon…Both the service and the scoby have surpassed my expectations…Thank you…I will definitely be shopping here again 🙂

  3. briancolligan (verified owner)

    Thanks to Thai Artisan I received my SCOBY and Starter Tea quickly…

    I didn’t waste any time to make my first batch and everything worked out as expected and produced about a gallon of Kombucha, less the starer tea for the next batch…I had my Thai wife give it it a taste and she gave it a thumbs up, so we’ll be having a 4 OZ glass each morning to start the day.

    I recommend the SCOBY and Starter tea from Thai Artisan as well as other products they offer,

  4. siamjim (verified owner)

    Enjoying this, on my second batch and the baby scoby was healthy. my first batch was just a gallon and that isn’t enough..lol , this stuff is great and doing the 2nd fermentation with flavoring was even better.

  5. Sam Peterson

    Got it quickly and made my first batch. Got a new SCOBY from this batch and already started my second batch. Love it. Great price and great service.

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