Our Geotrichum Candidum comes in dosage packets that inoculates 10 liters of milk.  If you have a 5 liter jug of milk, you just use half and store the rest in the freezer to use later.  Comes in single packets or 5 packets (50 liters of milk).

Geotrichum Candidum is a key agent in the ripening of cheese. Used in combination with other molds, geotrichum candidum grows rapidly on cheese surfaces first and also aids in the work of penicillium candidum and brevibacterium linens, which need a neutral environment. Geotrichum Candidum produces a thick, velvety surface cover with minimal enzyme activity. Due to its proteolytic and lipolytic activity, geotrichum candidum plays a significant role in the ripening process and greatly influences cheese appearance, structure and flavor. In some applications, such as goat cheese, Geotrichum candidum is used alone to cover the surface.

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1 Packet, 5 Packets

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  1. Gilles (verified owner)

    I hope it works I received paste in state of dry ferment, will know that in 2 weeks about.

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