Why add color to cheese?

  1. Many folks who grew up on store-bought cheese, particularly the processed kind, are used to the orange color. This is especially true for children who don’t understand the concept that cheese can be white and still taste as good as the orange type they’re used to.
  2. There are many cheeses that are traditionally orange and if you wish to honor that tradition, you will want to color your milk.
  3. If you like to put out cheese plates and cheese hors d’oeuvre, the end result can be more appealing when there are different shades of yellow and orange present

This is an all natural cheese coloring using our own mixture of powdered annatto and turmeric mixed with distilled water.  No preservatives added at all but will last for a year while refrigerated.

You use only 4-5 drops per 4 liters of milk or per recipe.  The color of the cheese will darken while drying and aging.  You can adjust as needed to get the color you desire.

Shake well before use.

Weight .04 kg


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