If you are new to cheese making and just want to dip your toes in the cheese making whey, this kit is for you.  With this, you can easily make some fresh cheese that you can flavor in many ways.  While you won’t be making brie or cheddar with this kit, you will get a taste on how easy it is.  And once you’ve been hooked, you can take on more cheese challenges.

The base of all cheese making is the milk.  The better quality of the milk, the better the cheese.  We’ve successfully made cheese such as this and even the more complex cheese with store bought milks such as Meiji, Dutch Mill, and even Makro Aro brand.

Also needed is an acidifier such as vinegar or lime juice.  But for best results, you can order our citric acid.  It also calls for optional salt to enhance the flavor.  Regular table salt will do or order our Cheese Salt.  And finally, the recipe book shows an option to culture your batch with yogurt.  You can usually find plain active yogurt at the store.  Or make your own with our yogurt culture.  You can use the standard ingredients for your first couple of tries.

Instructions/Recipe Book

Material: PP silicone
Color: Green/White

Top Diameter: 17cm
Height: 11.5cm
Bottom Diameter: 12cm

Easy to use and clean
It is perfect for Microwave oven, refrigerator, home fresh cheese making DIY.
Made of PP silicone material, durable and healthy.
Great for bread, veggies and corn on the cob.
Spreadable butter right out of the fridge.
The lid can be rated capacity for lemon juice

Basic directions:
1.According to the requirements and use, diet instruction
2.Pour the milk into the white outer barrel, and put it into the microwave, heating to mature
3.May be appropriately according to the recipe instructions add lemon juice or vinegar, can also add a little salt
4.Stir well
5.Cover and let stand for 30 minutes
6.Pour into a mesh filter barrels, separation whey and cheese
7.After separation, the remaining cheese cover can be placed in the refrigerator for an hour or so out (not freeze)



Weight .2 kg


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