Want to make some delicious artisan bacon but don’t want to bother collecting all the spices and ingredients to do so?  Thai Artisan Foods and Supplies has created a solution for you.

We have created a Bacon Curing Bag where all you have to do is add the pork belly and cure.  Easy!

3 basic steps.  Insert pork belly.  Cure for 10 days.  That’s it!  You now have that wonderful addiction, BACON!  And MUCH better than the stuff you get at the store.  More detailed cooking instructions can be found HERE.

Right now we have 3 mixtures:

  • Garlic – Black Pepper
  • Spicy Cajun
  • Italian Mix

And more to come.

Ingredients in all bags contain salt, sodium nitrate, and brown sugar.  Then each mixture has it’s own secret herbs and spices to give you special flavors.

For curing only.  Because of the sodium nitrite, do not use in any other ways other than curing bacon.

Weight .2 kg

3 reviews for Artisan Bacon Curing Bag

  1. Brian McFarland (verified owner)

    The garlic-black pepper bag arrived up in northeast Isaan the da6 after ordering. Had the local butcher remove the skin and some thick fat from a nice pork belly, netting 1.9 kilos. Did the full 10 day regimen. Glad that I kept it on a platter, because liquid starting weeping through the bag on day 9…no bad consequences from this. Put the meat in the freezer for 1/2 an hour before slicing…should have left it in for an hour; but I think it’s time to invest in a slicing machine. The taste after cooking was beautiful… subtle, not overpowering, but complete. My wife suggests kneading the spice rub into the pork to ensure the marinade gets all the way through the meat; next one I shall use the marinade setting on the vacuum and see if that helps. Overall, a great first experiment with the bacon bag. Italian is here and waiting! Keep them in stock please…I will be ordering more soon!

  2. Philip Hogan (verified owner)

    Just rinsed, soaked and test fried 1.3kg of belly I cured for 10 days using the Cajun spice bag, awesome flavour and next time I will remember to account for skinning the belly when I buy it by weight. No smoking required as it is so flavoursome though I may try that with the garlic black pepper bag I have with the next batch.

  3. Max Israel (verified owner)

    Used this bag to cure my 1.7 kilo pork-belly after the 10 days i put it in my smoker with a temperature of +/- 90 degrees C in combination with my cold smoked smoked it for 1 1/2 hour the result was great ! will do it again !

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