Homemade Salami in Thailand



Salami Ingredients


Add all ingredients except for the salami culture in a mixing bowl

Hand mix everything together

Open and dissolve the 2 capsules of Salami Culture in 10ml bottled water.

Hand mix this solution into the meat mixture.

Fill the hand stuffer.

Attach casing to stuff and fill into 2 evenly divided links.

Use ties on both ends and to divide links.

Punch a few holes in the casing to allow excess air to escape.  To do this, sterilize the needle over a flame.

Puncture 2 or 3 holes on 3 sides.

Ready to ferment and age.

Record your starting weight.  You need to age until at least 35% weight loss.

Hang in a warm spot to allow 36 hour fermenting.

[optional] Spray on Salami Mold solution before placing in refrigerator.

Hang in the refrigerator.  When a weight loss of 35% is obtained, the salami is ready.  Depending on the size, about 5-6 weeks.